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Fagin 13

Air to Air Refuelling Sortie

Tri-Star ZD951 of 216 Sqn Call sign Fagin 13

After departing its home base of Brize Norton, the Tri-Star ZD951 of 216 Sqn headed to the air to air refuelling area 6. This area is over the North Sea just of the Yorkshire coast near Whitby. Once there and on station in a race track holding pattern and refuelling hose extended the aircraft waited for its first customer (trade) of the day

The Harbour of Whitby can be seen just in front of the engines intake

Ready on the Port side this GR4 prepares to position behind

Reducing speed and getting closer

Slowly the GR4 manoeuvres aft

With nozzle extended the GR4 goes under the Tri-Star to engage the fuel hose

It wasn’t long before a call came in from first trade of the day. A GR4 that appeared on the Port side of the Tri-Star to give to give its crew a visual that he was ready to receive. The Gr4 slowly reduced speed and slid back and beneath the Tri-Star to engage the fuel hose. When full the hose was disconnected and the GR4 reappeared on the Starboard side after a few moments at the side of the Tri-Star the GR4 departs to carry on with their sortie.
Ever vigilant the crew of ZD951 keep a lookout for inbound trade and the aircrafts fuel status and trim while maintaining height and its holding pattern.
This was the routine throughout the Tri-Stars five hour mission, most of its trade turned up as tasked but there was a few exceptions who didn't show but for all those that did, they were dealt with in the usual professional RAF manner 

Many thanks to all concerned