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70th Anniversary

BBMF & 617 Sqn pay tribute to the Second World War veterans at the Dam in the Derwent valley

         2013 saw the 70th anniversary of the founding of 617 Squadron and the Dams Raid, along with a number of events to commemorate it. The 617 Squadron Association along with the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster arranged a flypast of Derwent  reservoir in Derbyshire, one of the UK reservoirs used by the Dambusters for training in the run up to the raid. This is provisionally scheduled for Thursday 16 May, the anniversary of the raid itself.

        The BBMF’s Lancaster, PA474, has already been given a new nose art and identity to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of 617 Squadron. It is now to be called DV385, Thumper Mark III, to match the identity of one of the Lancasters posted to the squadron in November 1943, to replace those lost on both the Dams Raid and the disastrous September attack on the Dortmund Ems Canal

          Accompanying the Lancaster were two GR4 Tornados of 617 Sqn, both in anniversary markings both aircraft made two passes before departing to Scampton for a special dinner with the surviving members of the raids in the Ruhr valley. This will be the last public appearance of 617 Sqn before they are disbanded, they will however be reformed in two years time when the F35c Lightning becomes the latest RAF frontline jet  

 In memory of all those crews that did not return.