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CQWI 2012

               The CQWI exercise is looking to pass a significant number of students over 2 weeks in order to gain their qualification as a weaponís instructors. Some of the aircraft involved in the exercise and based at Lossiemouth for the two weeks were E-3 Sentry, Sentinel R1, Beech Shadow R1, C130K and C130 J, GR4, Typhoon, T1A Hawk, DA20 Falcon and JAS 39 Gripen operated by the Swedish Air Force.

               For most of the crews involved in the CQWI it is their final exercise from a grueling 12 month training programme. The exercise is held for crews who are considered the brightest and best, giving them the ability to expand their tactical appreciation of the aircraft and the significance of their role on operations.

             Every crew and aircraft has a part to play in the exercise; whether thatís playing the part of the enemy, or providing intelligence picture or training the pilots to become weapons instructors. The course not only draws on air assets, but utilises ground support from Forward Air Controllers at Tain and Spadeadam. Plus air refuelling is taken care of with Tankers from Brize Norton. Throughout the two weeks the flying was very intense with a number of impressive mass launch take offs that left the area reverberating, the Swedish contingentís sorties were mainly Red forces missions in the role of the opposition.

Part of a mass launch which started with the Beech Shadow R1 departing first to get on station ready for the main body of aircraft

Special thanks to the Station Commander and Media staff for access.