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Carlisle Airport

Lightning Force 2007
     From 20th February till the 28th, Carlisle played host to 3 Regiments 663 Sqn of the AAC as they took part in exercise Lightning Force.

Deploying six Apache AH1 with all the ground equipment and personnel, the regiment set up operations on the 18th but due to poor weather the aircraft failed to arrive until the 20th. Once there no time was wasted as the Apaches shuttled to and from the Electronics Warfare range at Spadeadam, where the range had set up a variety of threats for the Apaches to avoid and threats to attack. The ground crew were tested in that they had to achieve quick turn rounds, arming and refueling as each aircraft retuned to Carlisle after every sortie.

In all the Squadron achieved the exercise objectives giving both Air and Ground crews valuable experience should they ever be called upon to quell any hostility in the future.


Many thanks to all who concerned.