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Griffin Strike (Leeming)

     Four French Air Force Rafale's from their bases at Mont de Marsan and St Dizier arrived at RAF Leeming to take part in the Execise Griffin Strike. They were joined at Leeming by Eight RAF Typhoons from Coningsby for the duration of exercise. The exercise is designed to build upon many years of Anglo French cooperation the event was commanded from RAF High Wycombe by the UK-French Combined Joint Force Air Component Headquarters.Running at the same time as Joint Warrior 16-1, Griffin Strike was designed to test a Combined Joint Expeditionary Force, with the air element supporting the Army and Navies from both nations as they performed Beach Assaults in the Bristol Channel and manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain. As with most exercises nowadays the aim is to test the interoperability and by all accounts Griffin Strike proved to be a success.    

French Rafael's at Leeming for Griffin Strike


113/30-01R Rafale C Mont de Marsan

136/30-GO Rafale C Mont de Marsan

105/4-H  Rafale C St Dizier

119/4-IX Rafale C St Dizier