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Jaded Thunder (Leeming)

Jaded Thunder which is normally undertaken in the US took place for the first time in the UK, from the 11th to the 22 July. The base chosen to hosted the largest contingent of flying assets for this exercise was RAF Leeming. Leeming was chosen because of its close proximity to the ranges on which the operations were to be carried out. The flying days for the exercise were 13th-15th and 18th-20th July inclusive. During which three areas would be operated simultaneously, with assets rotating through each during the exercise. These were Spadeadam, Otterburn, and Catterick. Each would offer simulated battlefield set ups resembling real-life scenarios in combat including a fully functioning forward arming and refuelling point, mock villages and a forward operating base.

Operating close to Leeming gave the air assets maximum time on station at each of the local ranges. They were all under the control of a Joint Terminal Controler and when on station by Forward Air Controlers. The ranges offered variety of terrains, including Local Urban Settings. Each of the scenarios was to be applicable to real world missions.

Participants are home based UK Hawk, Tornado, Typhoon, Shadow and E3D. Operating out in the field or staging through Leeming are UK Chinook, Defender, Apache, Gazelle, and Puma.
US participation includes the A10s and AH6 Little Birds, based at Leeming. Operating from Mildenhall will be a JSTARS (13th-15th only) and MC130s, with F15s from Lakenheath. CV22s will operate from Mildenhall but may land away on occasion.

A10's Stationed at Leeming for Jaded Thunder