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Joint Warrior 08-01


       Air and Maritime exercise


Joint Warrior which was formally know as Joint Maritime Course (JMC), is a biannual Air and Maritime exercise held in Scotland, where it brings into use the Scottish bases of RAF Kinloss and Lossiemouth and the Royal Navyís Faslane.

Featuring around sixteen nations in total, using around 70 aircraft and 36 warships. This first of this years exercises took place between the 20th April till 2nd May. The aim of the exercise is to give the UKís armed forces a chance to train alongside NATO forces in an attempt to hone each others fighting skills should they ever be called upon in any future International crisis.




The UK forces were joined by forces from the United States, France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Portugal and Norway. From the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq lessons learnt and best-practice were used to ensure that the training is realistic and relevant which will give the best opportunities for British forces to work and fight in large multi national formations.


      RAF Kinloss was the base of the Maritme aircraft and the attacking force of Hawks from Yeovilton and Falcons of FRA. The United States, New Zealand, Italy, Canada and France were the foreign contingent based at Kinloss with United States, New Zealand and Canada providing P3 Orionís and the Atlantiques from Italy and two from France operated alongside Nimrods of the RAF. The task for the Maritime aircraft and crews was to search for and track Royal Navy submarines and warships operating in the Minch and the sea off the Hebrides





Aircraft that were based at RAF Lossiemouth for Joint Warrior were mainly those of the French Air Force and Navy. Using Mirage F1ís, Mirage 2000Nís and Rafal F2ís, they were joined by GR4ís of 12 Sqn. These aircraft would simulate attacks on the maritime and ground targets around the North West coast of Scotland, whilst continually being engaged by the Hawks and Falcons that were operating out of Kinloss.


French Air Force

Mirage F1               CE 02.004

French Air Force

Mirage 2000N             CE 02.033

French Navy

Rafal F2                       12 Flotille

French Navy

Breguet Atlantic            23 Flotille

Italian Navy

Breguet Atlantic            41ļ Stormo

New Zealand Air Force

Lockheed P3 Orion      5 Sqn

United States Navy

Lockheed P3 Orion