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Joint Warrior 09-01



Exercise JOINT WARRIOR (JW) is a 2 week UK wide tri-service exercise conducted in the Spring and the Autumn of each year; it is assessed that JW is the largest exercise in Europe. The first of 2009’s JW Exercises (JW 091) took place between 11-22 May and incorporated Exercise CROWN CONDOR (RAF Deployed Operational Training at RAF Kinloss).

The exercise had been planned by the Joint Tactical Exercise planning Staff (JTEPS) based at Northwood HQ, London. During the Exercise itself, the JTEPS staff deployed to a Joint Operations Centre (JOC) located at Faslane, Scotland. Once there they were augmented by an additional 60 tri-service personnel, many of whom are Reservists, so that they can provide the proper level of Higher Command simulation and run the Exercise safely.

JTEPS aim was to provide coordinated training for all 3 UK Armed Services and also forces from allied nations. This Exercise included participants from the UK and up to 12 Foreign Nations including multiple Forward Air Controllers (FACs), 2 Companies from the Coldstream Guards, 22 surface and 3 sub-surface maritime units and 75 aircraft, flying at a daily rate of approximately 100 sorties a day (Monday-Friday).

Of particular note JW 091 saw the participation of the Standing NATO Maritime Group, whose Flag Officer and staff embarked on the Italian Air Defence Destroyer Luigi Durand De La Penne. Her Task Group, consisting of 7 NATO warships from differing countries, took part in JW 091 in order to become fully integrated before continuing their deployment into the Mediterranean later this year. The US Navy continued to support JW in strength. For JW091 it will be sending 4 Ships and a Destroyer Squadron Staff who evaluated & certified the US ships prior to them deploying on Operations.

JW 091 took place across the whole of the UK utilising a wide variety of battlespace including UK live ranges and Managed Danger Areas (MDAs). Partners in battlespace provision included: QinetiQ (for multiple range locations), London & Scottish Air Traffic Control Centres (LATCC & ScATCC) and the Control & Reporting Centre (CRC) at RAF Boulmer.

JW Area of Operation

 JW Scenario Operations and Training

The exercise scenario involved 3 sovereign nations, disputed territory and a state sponsored terrorist movement. Commencing with a period of Force Integration Training (FIT) the Ex developed over the 2 weeks, through a period of tension, into simulated war-fighting / open hostilities. It was intended that the Exercise would provide opportunities for all war-fighting disciplines including.  Composite Air Operations (COMAOs) - the preparation and execution of large packages of Air assets involving aircraft of different types and roles from UK and allied air forces. Aircraft flew from varied locations and combined into one package in order to enable and enhance collective offence and defence. Close Air Support (CAS) - CAS will be executed by Fast Jet aircraft in association with FACs, occasionally using live weapons; furthermore, a number of Convoy Support, Time Sensitive Targeting (TST) and Urban CAS serials were completed in order to replicate current Middle-East operational missions. Electronic Warfare (EW) Training – This important aspect of military air operational training was primarily undertaken at the EW Tactics Facility at RAF Spadeadam in Cumbria, and also in the vicinity of mobile EW emitters and deployed targets such as the simulated SCUD Surface-to-Surface Missile (SSM)

 In support of both land and maritime forces, Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)l participated in Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Anti-Surface Warfare (AsuW) and also, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions Joint fires – Live weapons were used in serials involving Fast Jet aircraft, Naval Gunfire Support (NGS), and mortars, these events will be practised within weapons ranges across the UK. Mine Countermeasure (MCM) training – MCM vessels gained practice in clearing minefields in protection of themselves and their task groups. Submarine Training - Boats completed sub-vs-sub and sub-vs-ship exercises. In opposition, Anti-Submarine Warfare capable participants offereded tracking and integration serials with the submarines. Of course none of these activities could have been sustained without comprehensive logistics support and JW offered participants the opportunity to plan and exercise all aspects of this vital skill. All the maritime units practiced replenishment at sea (RAS) drills, embarking everything from ammunition and fuel through to baked beans and mail. While of course the air participants similarly were able to practice their in flight re-fuelling using the VC10 air-to-air re-fuelling tanker.

Under the umbrella of Exercise JW, Exercise CROWN CONDOR (CC) was executed at RAF Kinloss, Moray, in order to achieve expeditionary Deployed Operational Training for RAF personnel. This involved in the region of 500 RAF personnel deploying to the airfield in order to set up and operate an Air Deployed Operating Base (DOB) from a simulated austere location. Once operational, it was expected that the DOB would accommodate a detachment of Fast Jet aircraft and the associated support. Exercise CC enabled the Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) to test and adjust its war-fighting procedures in order to be fully prepared for any short notice contingency operations that they may be called upon to support. This Ex will be undertaken by No 325 EAW, also from RAF Kinloss, prior to their standby commitment for reactionary ops.


Director JTEPS Capt Paddy McAlpine OBE summarised his thoughts on JW 091 as follows: Joint Warrior offers high quality joint tactical training with maximum tactical interaction, tailored to meet the participants’ requirements across the whole of the UK whilst creating as little impact on the environment as possible. Trust and cooperation cannot be surged, it is borne out of mutual respect and understanding, which can only be gained by working and training together. Joint Warrior offers just such an opportunity and this is why I am particularly looking forward to welcoming our NATO and coalition partners who bring a wealth of experience. 2009 will see JW continue to grow and continue to integrate with our coalition partners from around the world.

"bring us your best and we will make them better !