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Joint Warrior 12-1

             This latest JMC took place over two weeks in April 16th – 27th The exercise took its usual format incorporating Land, Sea and Air forces from a variety of NATO countries. The Naval participants were based at Faslane on the Clyde. The Air assets were based at Lossiemouth, Leuchars, Waddington and Brize Norton. The bulk of the Land forces were to be centered in and around the Dumfries area with other units onboard ships in order to carry out beach assaults.

             The airborne maritime contingent for this latest Joint Warrior JMC exercise JW 12-1 was again hosted by RAF Lossiemouth. The main body of fast jet assets were to operate out of Leuchars where they were hosting Alphajet Es of EE 02.002 French Air Force and Hawk T.1As of 100 Sqn.




Atlantique No 9 10-ANS (100th Anny)
CP-140 140118
CP-140 140106



XX205 Hawk (100 years scheme)
XX217 Hawk
XX240 Hawk
XX281 Hawk (100 years scheme)
XX301 Hawk (100 years scheme)
XX316 Hawk



G-FFRA Falcon
G-FRAJ Falcon
G-FRAK Falcon
G-FRAO Falcon
G-FRAP Falcon
G-FRAU Falcon

E14/102-FG     Alpha Jet

E29/102-NB     Alpha Jet

E87/102-LC     Alpha Jet

E99/102-AH     Alpha Jet

E105/102-FM   Alpha Jet


XX346/CH Hawk

XX329/CJ Hawk

XX255/CL Hawk

XX280/CM Hawk

XX318/CN Hawk

XX189/CR Hawk