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Joint Warrior 2013-1

              Joint Warrior began on Monday, April 15, and is being co-ordinated from HM Naval Base Clyde. Planned by a joint team of Royal Navy and RAF personnel, who form the Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff (JTEPS), they are augmented by up to 150 members of the military, many of whom are reservists, at the Clyde site.                                                 Exercise Joint Warrior involves nearly 13,000 military personnel from 12 countries – including 5,250 from the UK, more than 30 warships and over 65 aircraft and helicopters. As well as the UK and France, the participating Nations are the US, Canada, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Italy and Brazil. All in all there will be 60 separate naval units involved operating at points around the coast of Scotland. There is also significant land participation at Defence Training Estate ranges, commercial ranges, Highland Agency and private land areas around the country.                                                                                                                                     

            Lossiemouth again hosted the maritime contingent which included a P3C of the Brazilian Air Force. 1/7 Gav, Salvador, along with 3 HH-60G Pave Hawks of 56th RQS/48th FW from Lakenheath.

French Navy


US Navy

US Army


Atlantique 13

Atlantique 5

CP-140 140110

CP-140 140116

P3C 158224

P3C 160287

HH60G 89-26208

HH60G 89-26206

HH60G 89-26212

P3C 7203

             RAF Leuchars was playing host to a detachment from the French Navy Carrier Air Group who have been flying their Rafale, Super Etendard and E2C Hawkeye aircraft. The airfield was being used by the French as though it were an aircraft carrier. Joining up with RAF Hawks from Number 100 Squadron from RAF Leeming and Typhoons from 6 Squadron. Joint Warrior provides both UK and French personnel the unique opportunity to work together  improving and combing joint capabilities including air power operations.

            All the scenarios that have been played out throughout the exercise have simulated a period of increasing tension and uncertainty which has then evolved into operations and state on state hostilities. This has enabled personnel those involved to focus on operational training. For aircrews this has included long range attack missions involving Air to Air refuelling support, Close Air Support in support of troops on the ground, Maritime Attack and support missions. These were also launched from Carlisle (JW13-1)

French Navy


E-2C Hawkeye 3,c/n FR-3                                    Rafale M 13,c/n 13 11F                                          Rafale M 19,c/n 19 12F                                          Rafale M 28,c/n 28 11F                                           Rafale M 33,c/n 33 11F                                           Rafale M 37,c/n 37 11F                                           Super Etendard 2,c/n 2 17F                                  Super Etendard 17,c/n 17 17F                              Super Etendard 18,c/n 18 17F                              Super Etendard 43,c/n 43 17F                              Super Etendard 55,c/n 61 17F                              Super Etendard 62,c/n 76 17F  

Hawk T.1A XX198,CG                                               Hawk T.1A XX202,CF                                               Hawk T.1A XX246,95-Y                                                 Hawk T.1A XX280,CM