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Joint Warrior 2015-2 (Lossiemoth)

During recent JW exercises the Scottish bases would host the majority of air assets associated with the exercise as the main part of the exercise would be conducted around the North West of Scotland. However with only one operational RAF station now in Scotland. It has fell on Lossiemouth to host the participating MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft) contingent. Prestwick airport was used by Cobham’s Dasault DA4 Falcons and FRADU (Fleet Requirements & Air Direction Unit) 736NAS Hawks. With RAF Leeming hosting Tornados from the German Air Force.

The Exercise Joint Warrior, is a UK exercise open to NATO allies and partners. Joint Warrior is one of the largest tri-service and multinational exercises of its kind in Europe, providing high quality coordinated training at the tactical level for all three UK Armed Services and numerous units from allied nations.

Aircraft Stationed at Lossiemouth for JW15-2

168760 P-8A US Navy
168759 P-8A US Navy
168437 P-8A US Navy
ZE422 / 92 Sea King ASC7 Royal Navy
XV697 / 81 Sea King ASC7 Royal Navy
140114 CP-140 Royal Canadian Air Force
24 ATL-2 French Navy
6007 P-3C German Navy