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Joint Warrior 2015-2 (Leeming)

In conjunction with JW15-2 Seven Tornados IDS of Tactical Air Wing 51 FROM THE German Air Force arrived at RAF Leeming for a two week deployment. This is the second deployment that the Tactical Air Wing have made within 12 months to play a part in JW a UK exercise that is open to NATO members. The CO Lt Col Lienemann welcomed the deployment as it offered his crews the chance of training within a realistic multinational environment. The deployment brought 140 personnel, which comprised of aircrew, engineers, and support staff.  Lt Col Lienemann commented that it is always easy to deploy for this exercise due to the professionalism of the RAF, as everything was in place for the time of our arrival.

The exercise its self was a success as a lot of the Air Wings tasking’s were to over Spadeadam  and Leemings proximity to the range made it much easier. Various missions were flown generally two sorties one in the morning and one in the afternoon, on Spadeadam simulated suppression of Missile sites and being worked by Forward Air Controllers. Other sorties were bombing in North West Scotland flying Low Level and again being worked by multinational Forward Air Controllers. Tanking also took place with the GAF providing an A310 to support.

At the same time the German Air Force were present at Leeming the base also had a detachment of Typhoons from Coningsby, that made for a busy few weeks 

Aircraft Stationed at Leeming for JW15-2

46+24 Tornados IDS

46+35 Tornados IDS

46+36 Tornados IDS

46+44 Tornados IDS

46+48 Tornados IDS

46+55 Tornados IDS

46+56 Tornados IDS