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Joint Warrior 2016-1 (Lossiemouth)

    For the first Joint Warrior of 2016 Lossiemouth and some of its based Typhoons, played host to both MPA and fighter aircraft from six NATO counties. The usual attendees were here, those being the MPA's from the US, Canada, France, Norway & Germany. Also present were 57 Rescue Sqn's HH60 Pavehawks's of the USAF normally based at Lakenheath, but by far the most interesting visitors to this Joint Warrior were the Turkish F16 C's & D BLOCK 40's of 181FiLo. At their conception 181FiLo were mainly tasked with attack missions after the arrival of the Block 40 model the aircraft became multi role.  

    Each Joint Warrior operates in much the same way as previous JW exercises however as soon as one exercise finishes plans for the next are being put together with the aim to fulfil each of its participants training needs. This is done by simulating a number of  disputing countries and then follows the dispute as it escalates into military action.

    At sometime or other through the exercise all parties involved will swop and take on the roles of defenders or aggressors. Throughout the exercise other scenarios are implemented which take the form of humanitarian missions, piracy, and counter terrorism.  
Aircraft Stationed at Lossiemouth for JW16-1 @time of visit

07-1002 F16C   TAF

07-1005 F16C  TAF

07-1013 F18C  TAF

07-1020 F16D  TAF

07-1025 F16C  TAF

89-26205 HH60  USAF

89-26208 HH60  USAF

89-26212 HH60  USAF

168763/LD P8    USN

168764/LD P8    USN

60+06     P3C    Ger N

14       Atl     French N

3296     P3C    RNoAF

140104   Cp140  RCAF