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Joint Warrior 2016-2 (Lossiemouth)

    The second of the biannual exercises incorporating land sea and air forces known as Joint Warrior set to run from the 8th to the 20th Oct got underway. This UK lead exercise supported by forces from around the world

 is one of the largest military exercises in the world. With around 5,700 personnel being involved JW16-2 will  provide the UK, NATO allies and partners with the chance to practice the skills needed for current and future operations. The exercise which is predominantly held off the North West coast of Scotland has been ongoing for decades previously know as Neptune Warrior and the Joint Maritime Course. During the following 13 days the Joint Task Force training will include, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, mine counter measures, intelligence gathering, GPS jamming and electronic warfare training providing a joint, multi-threat environment in which both UK, NATO and Allied units can undertake collective training and pre-deployment training in tactical formations in preparation for employment in a Combined Joint Task Force so providing sailors, soldiers and airmen the opportunity to develop their war fighting skills.

For the air elements involved the two main bases utilised were RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Leeming and Prestwick. The most northerly Lossiemouth would host all the MPA contingent attending JW these comprised of 2x USN P-8A, 2x RCAF CP-140, 1x FN Atlantique. Some of the foreign fast jet participation for JW was also hosted by Lossiemouth, these being 5x PoAF F16AM Esq201/301. A number of base Typhoons took part and also present were 2x Royal Navy Sea King ASaC7. FJ aircraft made use of the ranges at Cape Wrath, Tain, Spadeadam and Donna Nook. Down at Leeming the Swedish Air Force had deployed there with 13 JAS39D Gripens, they too were active around the NW Approaches, Scotland, Borders, East Coast Wales North East England,North Yorkshire Cumbria & East Anglia. Prestwick was home to 5x RN Hawks, 5x FA20 Cobhams.

Aircraft Stationed at Lossiemouth for JW16-2 @time of visit
Portuguese Air Force F-16AM - 15117
Portuguese Air Force F-16AM - 15105
Portuguese Air Force F-16AM - 15110
Portuguese Air Force F-16AM - 15141
Portuguese Air Force F-16AM - 15133
United States Navy P-8A - 168760/LC
United States Navy P-8A - 168857/LK
French Navy Atlantique - No.18
Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 - 140118
Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 - 140111


Royal Navy Sea King ASaC 7 - ZE422
Royal Navy Sea King ASaC 7 - XV656