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RAF Marham


As a base Marham opened in 1916 and has played a key role within the RAF ever since. In the 1930's the site underwent considerable expansion and primarily became a Heavy Bomber station during the Second World War. In the mid 1940’s new concrete runway was constructed to take the USAF B29. Then soon after the Second World War, with the advent of the Cold War. Marham became one of the first V Bomber bases and was turned into one of our strategic deterrent  bases for almost the next 10 years.

The mid 1960’s saw the arrival at Marham of 55 & 57 Sqn with their Air to Air Victor tankers, which continued to operate into the early 1990’s seeing in Marhams latest residents the Tornado’s and not forgetting the Canberra’s which appeared with 100Sqn in the 1976.


The Marham Wing is one of the largest and busiest in the RAF, operating 4 Squadrons of Tornado GR4 aircraft in the attack and reconnaissance roles. Currently operating from RAF Marham are No II (AC) Squadron, No XIII Squadron, IX (B) Squadron and 31 Squadron all equipped with Tornado GR4s in Attack, Reconnaissance and SEAD roles.

Brimstone & Alarm



On the day of my visit 31 Squadron were on deployment and II (AC) Squadron were on leave but despite the atrocious conditions aircraft crews carried on regardless and the aircraft were made ready and flying continued.

I'd like to thank the staff at RAF Marham for allowing my visit and a special thanks to the Engineering section of 13Sqn