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RAF Mildenhall began its days in October 1934 as a RAF Bomber Command base and stayed that way until the end of the war, when the base was placed on standby until July 1950 reopening as a joint USAF RAF base

Today at Mildenhall there are two based flying units at Mildenhall 501st Combat Support Wing under which the following Squadrons operate 7th Special Operations with MC130 Talons, 67th Special Operations with MC130P Combat Shadows finally 321st Special Tactical Squadron.

The other flying unit is Mildenhall’s host unit the easily recognisable, 100th Air Refuelling Wing, that operates the KC135R Stratotanker. The 100th ARW provides air refuelling to US and NATO aircraft in the European Theatre. It is the only permanent USAF air refuelling wing in the European theatre. A non flying unit stationed at the base is the 95th Reconnaissance Squadron and although having no aircraft based here they do have regular visits from a variety of surveillance airframes such as RC135V/W Rivet Joint, rc135u Combat Sent, RC135S Cobra Ball, and WC135C/W

Personnel transports are regular visitors C12F, C12J & C21 as seen here











 F15’s from its neighbouring airfield RAF Lakenheath make fleeting visits or ILS approaches from time to time.











A splash of colour with the nose art on a visiting KC135R 

KC135R lines up for an early morning departure

This has always been 24 -7 base and in days gone by has seen much busier times through various wars and conflicts as aircraft men and materials would transit through Mildenhall. Although today operations have scaled back considerably at sometime or other all types of aircraft in service with the USAF will be seen passing though, the most prevalent aircraft type to be seen here is the KC135, but there are regular appearances from C130’s KC10s C17’s and C5 Galaxy.               

RC-135S F-108 61-2662  

 West Virginia ANG 46705 C130H manoeuvres on to the keys to prepare for departure  

161003 PC 3 ORION arrives at Mildenhall whilst transiting to the States after a deployment

Puerto Rico ANG 638751 departing Mildenhall returning home

A mighty C5 Galaxy taxies away from the visitors ramp

160764 USN PC3 Orion touching down

C130H Lining up for take off