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SCOTNIGHT (Lossiemoth)

Since 1998 the Swiss Air Force have practiced their F18 night flying in Norway. Nevertheless this November they intend to do this training at Lossiemouth in Scotland.

From the 13th Nov to 8th Dec a contingent of 35 aircrew and 100 ground staff are intend to travel to Lossiemouth and take part in SCOTNIGHT. Originally 10 F18 C&D's were due to deploy but on the day a flight of 9 arrived.

This training takes place outside of Switzerland in order not to cause a disturbance to the population. The Swiss AF had to change their training area to Scotland due to heavy construction work at the Norwegian Air Force Base Örland, from where they have conducted their night flying exercise for the last 19 years.

Even though a return to Norway isn't planned, the use of Lossiemouth for long term base for their night flight training is unclear even though it fulfils all the requirements. It had been reported that the Norwegian location is under revue due to cost reasons.


Aircraft deployed for exercise Scotnight

J-5005 C / J5006 C / J-5013 C / J-5014 C / J-5015 C / J-5018 C Special/J-5026 D / J-5232D