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TAC Blaze 10-1


Carlisle airport saw a return visit of the Royal Netherlands Air Force for TAC Blaze 10-01, for the biannual deployment and exercise held by the Dutch Defence Helicopter Command. On this latest deployment the RNAF flew five helicopters, two Aerospatiale AS 532’s of 300 Sqn and three CH47 Chinook’s 298Sqn, from their base at Gilze-Rijen. Operating from their Deployed Operating Base (DOB) at Carlisle the two week training exercise involved numerous sorties into RAF Spadeadam Electronic Warfare Training Facility (EWTF) and Kirkbride Airfield, both in Cumbria,

The exercise followed in a similar format to previous TAC Blaze deployments to Carlisle in which the crews used the various scenarios as precursor for future overseas deployments within hostile territory. Again the Royal Netherlands Marines took part and practised their air assault skills with some fellow Marines playing the role of opposing troops. These roles were practised until a full blown assault took place on Kirkbride Airfield at the end of the two week exercise.

Aircraft Present

Chinook CH47              D-106 / D666 / D667

Cougar AS532               S-453 / S-458