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TLP 08 RAF Kinloss

Leaving its usual operating base of Florennes in Belgium. The first Tactical Leadership Programme of 2008 was held at RAF Kinloss. The participating Forces on this course were the Belgium, Royal Netherlands, French and Italian. Aircraft began to arrive on the 11th January

Italian F16 Fighting Falcons MM7262/82-1005 & MM7243/82-1014 (both ex USAF)

         The TLP’s objective is to increase the effectiveness of allied tactical air forces by developing the crew’s leadership skills, along with tactical flying capabilities, mission planning and tasking capabilities. TLP engages NATO aircrew’s realistic environment to give them the chance to improve your professional capabilities enabling aircrews of different nationalities to be able to operate alongside each other. Throughout the course the crews are under the supervision of experienced pilots, weapons officers, intelligence officers and surface to air missile experts. These professionals are all qualified weapon instructors or operational tactics instructors and have considerable experience in recent operations. They monitor the crews through each phase of their development and offer their own point of view to crews where needed.

Royal Netherlands F16 Fighting Falcons J-644 & J201

      Individual tactics aren’t taught on the course, it is as the courses title says. It is skills in leadership at a tactical level that the crews are trained on. The whole program consists of 15 flying missions of various types. These are put together in such a way that the crews can build on each mission bringing them from a very basic combat mission to some of the more challenging and complex that they are likely to encounter.

Each year a series of six TLP courses are planned with one away fro it's base of Florennes. One reason for the course deploying to Kinloss was so that crews could complete a week of night flying, this being due to restrictions at Florennes. Spadeadam was well utilized, being relatively close to Kinloss. The Electronic range offers the students a wide variety of threats as they work with Forward Air Controllers when called in for a ground strike. This meant that AAR wasn't that much of an issue and consequently only one day was set aside for AAR training which saw USAF and French KC135's being used

French Navy Super Etendards 55 & 39

Italian F16 MM7262/82-1005

French Air Force Mirage F1's 279/'30-QL' 272/'30-QZ'

French Air Force line up Mirage F1272/'30-QZ' & Mirage 2000D' & N's 678/'3-JB' 615/'3-JY' 333/'4-AB' 326/'4-AS'


Aircraft Present 30/01/08

Belgium Air Force                                                                             FA-71/'FS' F-16                                                                                  FA-84 F-16                                                                                         FA-86 F-16                                                                                         FA-91/'FS' F-16                                                                                  FA-97 F-16                                                                                         FA-103 F-16                                                                                       FA-114 F-16                                                                                       FA-117 F-16                                                                                       FA-121 F-16 (Special marks)                                                      

French Air Force
272/'30-QZ' Mirage F.1
279/'30-QL' Mirage F.1
326/'4-AS' Mirage 2000N
333/'4-AB' Mirage 2000N
615/'3-JY' Mirage 2000D
678/'3-JB' Mirage 2000D                                                               
French Navy
39 Super Etendard (17F)
55 Super Etendard (17F)                                                             

Italian Air Force
MM7006/'6-31' Tornado (Special c/s)
MM7243/82-1014 F-16 (5 Stormo)                                          MM7262/82-1005 F-16 (5 Stormo)                                               

RNAF                                                                                                   J-201 F-16 (322 SQN)                                                                            J-644 F-16 (U/M)                                                                       

RAF                                                                                            XX200/'CG' Hawk (100 SQN)                                                     

G-FRAW Falcon 20

Italian F16 Fighting Falcon

Italian F16 Fighting Falcon