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Windermere Air Show 2009







 Windermere Air Show


Since its conception when the Red Arrows came at the request of the local Rotary Club. The Windermere Air Show has grown in popularity into a full blown Air Show. Windermere is now an established venue on the show scene attracting vast numbers of visitors to the area.                                                                                          This year’s show had its biggest number of flying displays and thanks to a very generous sponsor this year they managed to attract the Avro Vulcan

Over the weekend the shows weather was spilt into two completely different days. Thankfully for the crowds on Saturday the Lake Distinct was bathed in glorious sunshine. The proceedings began with G-BWGF/XW325 Jet Provost from the Viper Jet Provost Group. Its routine provided great photographic opportunities for the main crowd on the waterfront. A well rehearsed display followed when Bob Grimstead in his Red Hawk Motor Glider entertained those gathered. Next on was a P 51 Mustang whose arrival was marred by a light aircraft infringing the Air Show boundary this was to be repeated later in the day when another light aircraft did the same thing.  After the sight of the Second World War Mustang, It was the turn of a Spitfire & Hurricane from the BBMF to display followed by their C47. The sight and sound of all these iconic aircraft seemed only to wet the appetite of largest crowd so far to attend the Air Show as they waited in anticipation of the final item the Vulcan.


The Vulcan appeared high to the North above Ambleside, and descended onto Windermere making its first low pass of the Glebe at Bowness before going into a full display routine. The crowds were dumbstruck by the sight of this magnificent aircraft and were kept spellbound as it performed its routine in a setting best suited to one its original roles of low level flying, when it would have been seen among the hills of this county during the Cold War period. All too soon the display ended with the Vulcan powering into a climb out and into a cloudless blue sky a fitting end to the flying on the Saturday of the show.


The show on Sunday was spoiled at first by heavy rain and low cloud which did cause the cancellation of a number of early items. Team Guinot, Red Hawk Motor Glider and the BBMF were all casualties of the weather but the weather did start to improve and the fist to show was again the Jet Provost flown by Chelvin Hibbert who performed a shortened version of his Saturdays show. After this the RAF Hawk attempted to exhibit but could only carry out a number of passes. Fortunately for the organisers the weather continued to improve and the Chinook arrived and displayed quickly followed by the Red Arrows who could only manage a flat display but despite the set backs the weekend was being hailed as a success.