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 Walney Airfield 31/01/2006

Herrick Eagle

Exercise Herrick Eagle was a designed to test out the rapid reaction of the 16th Air Assault Brigade. Most of this two week exercise had been carried out on Salisbury Plain, with the use of Chinook, Lynx, Apache and C130's. During the second week the attacking forces were to deploy and attack the Otterburn ranges. This called for the use of Walney airfield to become a FOB (forward operating base) for the operation, and would see C130's bring in the main force of men who would then transfer to Chinook helicopters for onward transport to the ranges. The Apache helicopters were to support and protect the attack. Most of this procedure was to have taken place during the hours of darkness
One thing that can not be predicted be it in a war or by planners of such an exercise as this , is the weather, and so it was to be here. As soon as units started to arrive, the weather took a turn for the worst. Fog enveloped the entire county for three days and although the Lynx and Chinooks did get in at the last minuets the C130's canceled their arrival, so changing the event and all the units relocated early


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